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The Logic Users Group (LUG) is the oldest and largest Logic community in existence. Formed over a decade ago by Fokke de Boer in 1994, the LUG was Emagic's first presence on the Internet, and it was also the very first website and mailing list for a sequencer ever. Today, our forums put over quarter of a million messages about Logic easily within reach, and with over 20,000 LUG members there's something for everyone, professionals and students alike.

Fokke retired in September 1999 when the LUG became independant of Emagic, ending our first era. He handed the reins over to Joeri Vankeirsbilck who ran the group until September 2002 when he too retired, passing things on to Jeremy Martin. The LUG continues to benefit from help managing the LUG and related resources from other kind volunteers as well. All of our resources are moderated by a team of five admins from around the world, ensuring the LUG is free from the typical flame wars and spam so common on the Internet these days.

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Current Admin Team: Mark Cahill (DE), Jeremy Martin (USA), Orren Merton (USA), Michael Oliphant (AU), and Tony Perretta (UK). Previous Volunteers: Thomas Bleicher, Fokke de Boer, Cory Burgett, Ben Hall, Henrik Buus Jensen, Dave Peverley, Danny Simpson, Paul Stephenson, and last but not least, Joeri Vankeirsbilck.

About the Forums

In addition to the original Logic Users Group mailing list and forum, we also have a separate forum for EXS users, TDM users, SoundDiver users, and off topic discussions. These are available at this website as web forums, or subscription is available by email, with the mailing lists currently hosted by YahooGroups. The YahooGroups forums (logic-users, exs-users, logic-tdm, sounddiver-users, and logic-ot) are fully integrated with our web forums here - messages posted in either place will show up in both places once approved by the moderators. We highly recommend our web forums here for improved speed, better searching, and easier reading, and to avoid annoying advertisements. If you wish to subscribe by email please do so using the links below.

Logic-users This is the LUG's primary mailing list / forum, for the discussion of all things related to Emagic/Apple's Logic sequencer. This includes Logic itself, bundle applications like WaveBurner, as well as other audio hardware and software used in combination with Logic, e.g. plugins and sound cards / audio interfaces. Also feel free to post about Emagic hardware such as the Unitor8, AMT8, audio interfaces etc.
Logic-TDM For users of Logic plus Digidesign TDM hardware, ESB, or the Epic TDM plugins.
EXS-users For users of the EXS24 and EXSP24 software samplers. Discussions here include the use of the samplers, sample library advice, and users share legal free samples.
SoundDiver-users For users of the SoundDiver MIDI librarian.
Logic-OT This compliments our other user groups, allowing for the discussion of all off topic matters.

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